Battery Charger - DC Rectifier

The rectifier is SCR controlled AC/DC rectifier with input isolation transformer and with automatic constant voltage and constant current ability. It comes with 6 Pulse or 12 pulse design options depending on user requirements. The advantages of employing 12 pulse rectifier in industrial DC UPS systems are to have lower THDi (<10%) and higher pf at input (>0.9) as well as to secure redundancy since 12 pulse rectifiers are designed with one delta and one star connected transformers, so the unit itself behaves as two redundant rectifiers by its nature. Output current, battery current, boost and Float Charge Voltages are adjustable on the user-friendly control panel. Detailed alarm indicators help you to monitor all alarms from the front panel and monitor the auxiliary contacts from the MIMIC diagram. On LCD panel, all key parameters can be set, and real time base events and failures can be tracked remotely via RS 485/ModBus, Profibus, TCP/IP or SMS/Mail Order.
Standart Features
• Adjustable Timer for Boost Charging
• Adjustable Boost and Float Charge Voltages
• Automatic Boost Charge Selection according to boost / float current set value
• Adjustable Rectifier Output Current and Battery Charge Current
• LCD Display for DC Load / Battery Voltage , DC Load / Battery Current , Input AC Voltage / Line Current / Frequency
• Event History for all Electrical values and failures
• Automatic and Manuel Battery Test
• Boost inhibit facility for interlock redundant application
• Output Filter Inductor and DC Longlife Capacitor
• Electronic Over / Under Voltage, Over Current and Short Circuit Protections
• Isolated Output by Input Transformer and output halleffect current module
• Parallel Redundant Operation
• Boost and Float dropper control output for Ni-Cd and Lead Acid Battery (Optional)
• Input Filter and input surge Voltage protection
• Internal Over Temperature protection
• Temperature Compensation for Battery
• Low Battery Indication and Alarm contacts
• Rectifier Failure Indication and Alarm contacts
• Rectifier Over Voltage Indication and Alarm contacts
• Over Temperature Indication and Alarm contacts
• Line Failure Indication and Alarm contacts
• Input MCB Indication and Alarm contacts
• Load MCB Indication and Alarm contacts
• Battery MCB Indication and Alarm contacts
• Earth Fault Indication and Alarm contacts
• Reverse Battery Connection Protection
• Reset Button